Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions Cap'n Ronn has received from guests.  If you have a question that others might be interested in click here to send him an e-mail.

Question:  Can we bring food and drinks for the cruise?

Answer:  Yes.  Feel free to bring a snack and non-alcoholic beverages along for your cruise.  Cap'n Ronn provides bottled water at no charge.

Question:  Can we bring beer or alcohol to drink on the boat?

Answer:  No.  Sorry, but the law only allows alcohol to be consumed on a vessel with permanent cooking and toilet facilities when the vessel is anchored for the night.  The penalty for breaking this law is a substantial fine and a restriction on the vessel for 24 hours.  This means that Cap'n Ronn will be out-of-pocket not only for the fine, but for the loss of the next few cruises, an expense Cap'n Ronn just can't afford.  In addition, the guests who have booked the next cruises will be extremely upset and that is definitely not good for business.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Question:  One or more of the members of our group have special needs, is this a problem?

Answer:  Cap'n Ronn will do his best to accommodate guests with special needs, please discuss the specifics when you are booking your cruise.

Question:  Will my cell phone work on the lake?

Answer:  Maybe!  Cap'n Ronn has a TELUS cell phone and it works on most of the lake, there may be some "dead spots", but coverage is generally good.

Question:  We booked a cruise for eight people and at the last minute another person wanted to come along, so we will be showing up with nine people, is this OK?

Answer:  Definitely not!  The maximum number of guests allowed by Cap'n Ronn's insurance coverage  for cruises is eight and it doesn't matter if the additional person is small, say an extra child, the maximum number of people allowed is still only eight.

Question:  Why can't I take my pet with me on the boat?

Answer:  There are a number of reasons that Cap'n Ronn doesn't allow pets, but the most important one is the possibility of future guests having allergies to a pet that has been on-board and left hair, dander, etc, that is difficult to detect and remove.  The open water, miles from town is no place for a possibly severe allergy attack!  There are kennels in the area that can board your pet for the day, check the phone directory and make your arrangements well in advance.  Please don't leave your pet in your vehicle while you are on the cruise.  For the comfort and safety of his guests Cap'n Ronn will make no exceptions to this policy.

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